Tripoli undersiege

Even though the government and El-brega oil company made a statement confirming that there is indeed, large amounts of fuel within the city’s gas stations. However, things started to get crowded, really fast, and it was not long before the gunfights and clashes started to open the scene to one of the worst crisis the city has ever faced since the 17feb revelation. A crisis that has reached a new level when fighting between rival militias got worse with every passing day for over a week.


Due to the lack of security, and the complete absence of a strong, neutral national force like the army or police, gas stations within the capital were forced to close their doors, and the few that still open face uncontrollable clashes daily. In a regular open station, you can find over 300 cars waiting in line for over a day or two, maybe more just to get their tanks full, but with a few bullets, all their waiting could go to waist. So, Tripolitanians are forced to chose between risking there lives in order to fill up on gas, or simply stay home and lose their jobs and ability to move when a stray bullet, rocket, or shell hits their homes, or go to a hospital when someone gets injured. Some of the people don’t even have that luxury of a choice anymore because their cars simply would not start at all due to using them until gas runs out.


This Crisis has encouraged chaos to spead very easily in Tripoli. Recently, a group of people, out of sheer desperation, broke into one of the stations and started siphoning petrol from the storage tanks below. Upon witnessing this, more and more people came and tried to do the same before opportunists start charging for petrol and a force called the “Deterrent special forces” showed up, and put and end to it by arresting six, but not before clashes resulted in one kill, and a fire, which luckily was quickly put out.


Now even the black market has runout of petrol after it reached over 100LYD for a 20L gallon, and at the moment, the only play that one could possibly receive fuel are the heaquarters of the various militias in Tripoli, and even there, we recived reports that fights have started among each other over who gets to go first. Normal citizen have also been trying to take matters into their own hands, and have organized trips to other cities in order to get fuel. However, gunmen stationed outside Tripoli’s limits claiming to be “”security”” have established checkpoints preventing any petrol from getting into the city, under the pretext of “fighting smuggling”.


How long the people of the city can take this war against them no one knows?! However, every day activists are calling for demonstrations to stop the violence, and the fighting within the city, but every call for peace has been ignored by these forces that have entered Tripoli with the intent of causing as much mayhem and misery as possible.


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